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18 October
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365, ableton, alec empire, amphetamine sulphate, atari teenage riot, backmasking, bbyyy, beatport, billion dollar djs, breakcore, breakthroughs, caffeine bomb, cansei de ser sexy, charli xcx, chimney exchange, chipcore, chipshop, circuit bending, club bes, colours, contact mics, crisps, crookers, cult, customising, dance dance revolution, dancing, david lynch, deadmau5, decks drugs rocknroll, diy, dj s3rl, donna summer, drawing, ect, ed hardy, electric eel shock, euphoric gabba, exbuse, experimental, fists of glory, freebies, gabba, gabber, geoff capes, glitchcore, graphic novels, guitar hero, hardcore, harryhausen, highs, house of jones, house of the dead, house party, hysteric glamour, i'm on the list, ibiza, ice slides, kizzys vintage, korg, ladyscraper, lomo cameras, looping, lovefoxxx, making stuff, mashups, melt banana, milla jovovich, mindless self indulgence, mixing, modding, mr ashcroft journalist, mr bungle, my dog, my own stuff, nintendo, noisecore, osmans quality luggage, p l u r, painting, peaches, people, peter jackson, polysics, prince, rave, resident evil, riboflavin, riton, roisin murphy, sabrepulse, sennheiser, shameboy, shitmat, shonen knife, snow, speed, speedcore, stanley knives, stanton, stop motion, studio ghibli, stupid horror films, swatch, terriers, the bloody beetroots, the fair, the good ship, the hanged man, the knife, the nailgun arms, the peanut factory, the strays, theremin, tilda swinton, troma, underground, venetian snares, visual kei, vivienne westwood, wet, withnail and i, worship