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March 14th, 2013

Think its time to give this thing a bit of a rest @ 05:55 pm

Current Location: HoJ&A
Current Mood: cheerful cheerful
Current Music: mr oizo

You know what i hate is when someone holds the beat just a bit too long? like its like delayed orgasm - only good up to a point innit.

anyway. Hope everyones been good? I aint updated this thing in ages again an to be honest im not sure if Im goin to. I was at the pub the other day with Dan an there was this table of kids (i say kids you know what I mean early 20s) an every single one of them had there phones out. Not even like Nathan used to do when wed take the piss out of him, i mean full on just sitting there all scrollin and starin. Why would you go to the PUB to do that? it just makes me think we should be makin the most of stuff, goin out and seein mates an properly hanging out instead of lookin at screens our whole lives so I reckon I'm gonna give this journal a rest for a bit. Its weird how long i've had it - i only started it when Dan was overseas so we could keep in touch a bit but now i cant get rid of the bugger so I dont think i need to keep the diary entrys up quite so much :-p

So if you would like to hang out you know where to find me, give us a text, drop us an email or come along and knock on the door (i'd say come straight in but Capes knwos what to do to intruders :-p) Catch you clubbin!

February 28th, 2013

infatuation @ 10:15 am

Current Mood: cheerful cheerful
Current Music: bronski beat - infatuation

Long time no post!

First up - so many birthdays, hope I don't miss anyone! Happy birthday to Pete, Pip and Howard an welcome home Dajve - you may not of won but you'll always be Queen of the Bush to me ;-p Also Mitch i hope this doesnt mean our intimate drinkin sessions have gotta end now :-p

Stuffs been good lately. Been out a few times, June come an stopped over a couple of nights. Valentines was wicked. i got Ashcroft one of them big helium balloons with springy arms an legs and left it over the bed so he nearly shat himself when he woke up HAHAHA. He forgive me though cos I tied Darkness tickets to it ;-) He outdone himself an all, not only did i get a pressie but it was a rare press 12 inch of Smalltown Boy with Forbidden Fruit, Infatuation and Memories as b-sides. No idea where he found it. I got a card with 'i love you more than booze' on it too which is a blatant lie but its the thought that counts ;-)

In work tonight then got all weekend off for a change! Gearin up for Howards party, should be a good un.

February 9th, 2013

I personally guarantee theres no dog in our burgers @ 09:30 pm

Current Mood: cheerful cheerful
Current Music: Wossy on telly

Done loads of stuff lately - buisness as usual plus had the annual ice slide (Dan nearly broke his arse and then Chaz nearly sprained her diaphram laughin at him) better turn out than ever :D lets see if we can make Chaz's neighbours call the fuzz next year haha. Recorded a few bits of scat vocals with Howard which i've made some tracks of that are soundin wicked (Howard i emailed you the mp3s) if the rest of you wanna hear em watch this space for when they debut at the Velvet Onion! hopefully gonna get some bass riffs down too an do some more.

Main other thing is ive started watchin the news cos fuck me some of its well funny - Watchin Krishnan Guru Murthy grillin the environment secretary bout horse meat in lasagne (sorry Pip!), he’s all HOW CAN YOU GUARANTEE THERE IS NO DOG IN OUR BURGERS, pissing myself laughing, channel 4 news is hilarious. “It is down to the retailer as to the percentage of horse in their lasagne” then there down on Brixton market with some random dubstep soundtrack and Jon Snow. Jon Snow is hardcore!

Fuckin hell Hurts are on Wossy. there so beige now since they stopped bein Daggers :-\

Saturday night off work an im in watchin telly!!

January 23rd, 2013


Current Mood: cheerful cheerful
Current Music: Donna Summer 'i feel love'

What aint we done yet this year? ICE SLIDE! Anyone whose up for it give us a text, i set it up this morning out the back of Chaz's gonna go back an check in a bit and hopefully it'll be good to go this evenin :D

January 16th, 2013

Sash and Joeys wedding @ 08:29 pm

Current Mood: cheerful cheerful
Current Music: new David bowie... cant see the appeal :-S
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Top ten things learnt at Sash and Joey's wedding last weekend:

1) if your gonna have everyone back to yours make sure yours is a hotel room where you dont have to clear up the mess afterwards
2) the velvet suit: a privelage, not a right
3) all of us were privelaged :-p
4) responsibility CAN keep Ashcroft sober and make him scrub up all nice but no amount of booze will get him to slow dance hahaha
5) women really do cry at weddings it aint just in films
6) Howard Moon can really pull some shapes on a dancefloor!
7) if you want a killer frock making, nobody beats Pip Valentine
8) if you want a killer frock modelling, nobody beats Sascha Martin-Moose
9) I still dont know whether Sash has kept her own last name how do I not know that?!
10) it was a wicked awesome day that couldnt of happened to a nicer couple

Hope your havin a good honeymoon guys, enjoy the sunshine while you can!

January 6th, 2013

Come in 2013 wipe your feet on the mat! @ 06:48 pm

Current Location: HoJ&A
Current Mood: cheerful cheerful
Current Music: lady gaga vs nicki minaj - 'shit-ass'

Hello 2013 your a friendly one aint you?!

All good so far, NYE was a smasher at Pete an Stitch's (and your dogs are ace). Wicked to see everyone (btw who was that hipster bloke who was tryin to talk to me about turntables?) an at last the lobster hat has met its soulmate the reinderr gstring hahaha ps i got some class pics of Dajve in the hat and Pete in Rudolf! Howard your singin is mint man, id say never accept a green drink off a DJ but i reckon you should if it means you replicate that sound! Almost as good as seein Dan an Claire doin the birdy song dance to Modeselektor (i love you alcohol :-p)

been a quietish one so far. Made the most of the bank holiday an seen mum an hung with Dajve befoer i got back on the club admin. Were gonna need a bit of a spruce up soon accordin to Learner cant believe its been open so long already. Cant beleive Sash an Joey's weddings come round so soon either! Gonna be a top weekend :-)

December 29th, 2012

The best thing about this time of year @ 07:00 pm

Current Location: HoJ&A
Current Mood: cheerful cheerful
Current Music: Flash!!!!

is Flash Gordon on telly hell yeah! Brian Blessed for PM!

Hope everyone had a good one? Mine was brilliant, double brilliant cos jeez worryin about me an Dans familys meetin but it actualy went alright. Dans dads well good with kids. My mums well good with people :-p All good. Bonus cake for Joe for figurin that if Joyce is my mum then Alice must be my nan HAHAHA. And bonus brownie points for Dan for gettin me neon for Xmas. Even better than jaffa cakes :-)

Xmas Bes went alright but hell am i glad that I shared the decks with Del cos i was pretty hungover even after TRYIN to take it easy at Sash's do the night before. Was wicked to catch up with people though, cheers everyone who come (especialy Bushy an for the wicked Charles of London T an all, an ESPECIALY for that Salford lads club tank you got Ashcroft cos... best xmas pressie for me ever haha ;-)

Sash's hen night was epic, gonna have to go GAY again (haha) finally someone to rival my karaoke prowess (Dajve) :-p Also Joey just to clear this up - Sash is well better at flamin sambuca than you ;-)

So seein as Pete an Stitch have valiantly volunteered to be party hosts i reckon i'll see everyone at theres for NYE? Im bringin The Vengaboys LP lets make it a large one! ;-)

December 20th, 2012

Joeys stag do an Xmas plans @ 11:52 am

Current Mood: anxious anxious
Current Music: DJ S3RL - beat drop music

Stuff gets so busy this time of year feel liek I aint sat down for a month! No complaints though. Main event of last week was naturally Joeys stag. Well worth the trek down to Cornwall an bravin no lie fucking baltic water. Wasnt too bad though we got some alright weather actualy, no rain or nothing. Was weird gettin back on a surfboard but im quite pleased with myself, actualy caught a couple of waves (probaly cos i was stuck in work the night before so didnt get the head start a few people did mentionin no names ;-)
Sin City was a proper laugh though, i tipped enough gin down Ashcroft's neck that he agreed to the jeans he wore at Bes again, so day full of Mitch's arse in a wetsuit an night full of Dan's in skinnys cant complain ;-) i wont say im a fan of the tunes in there but its a good vibe innit (dont even get me on how Crookers improved that ACDC track though!!) Also if you want me to NOT make you light the sambuca in your mouth then grow some facial hair so you at least got a good excuse not to :-p

Had a bit of a head on the next day so i skipped Vince's do which im sorry for now (pro firebreathing has to be better than amateur version with booze an a Clipper haha).

Been finishin up Xmas shoppin, busy doin ~secret project~ at home, been at the club more than ive been for ages. Season for it. I feel a bit shady not bein in this Fri if anythin kicks off - Black Friday an that, last Fri before Xmas an we'll get all the pissed up office traffic. But yeah not sorry i'll be missin the fall-out :-p be a part fo it instead, watch out Sash, we're gonna get messy!!

Then its the annual Xmas eve pissup an then Dans folks are shippin up to stop in London (not at ours thank fuck) an there gonna meet mum. Which is gonna be just great. I'm raelly really really really lookin forward to it.

Anyone got new years plans yet? We could do with a big eff off house party if you ask me!

December 12th, 2012

Junes back home @ 06:12 pm

Current Location: June's
Current Mood: relieved relieved

To everyone who ive not spoke to yet Junes back in London an shes OK.

I dropped by her place again this mornin to check if shed been back an she was just there asleep. I didn't like to wake her so i made sure she was like breathin at least then I hung round till she woke up. Shes fine though shes just really tired an a bit down an that. she went to Brighton but shes not told me any more than that. I've run the police so they know she aint missin no more, gonna stay here with her for a bit till i'm sure shes ok. Cheesr everyone who helped look for her an that.

December 9th, 2012

update @ 06:49 pm

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Hey guys so i already called Gui and Richmond but to keep everyone else in the loop i got a call off June early hours this mornin. she didnt sound in a good way an she hung up an then i couldnt get back through to her but shes obviosly still got her mobile on her an weve spoke to the police again an I'll keep everyone posted.

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